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Well, I’ve finally finished playing through Assassin’s Creed IV’s main story (as well as completing a handful of side things). The game was sort of off to a rocky start for me, but I think that’s partially because of the few control changes from AC III (Ubisoft: B does [almost] EVERYTHING now!).

The further along I got the more I got into the story. Plus generally fighting with two swords became pretty damn fun. That said when I got to the end, it almost didn’t feel like the end, because there’d been at least one other spot I thought it could’ve ended but it didn’t, so I wondered if it was actually over. Then the credits started rolling. lol.

All in all, highly enjoyable game. Poured a hell of a lot of hours into it, and I’m only 86% finished. I actually would’ve finished the game’s main story by now if I didn’t enjoy the side stuff so much.

I bought all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender on DVD last week and started rewatching the show. Tonight I got back up to The Tales of Ba Sing Se. When I saw the episode title I was like “Oh fuck!” and when it got to The Tale Of Iroh I was like “OH FUCK!”.

I knew it was coming and it still hit me like a brick wall. Fuck, that is some emotional shit right there. This is the 2nd time The Tale Of Iroh has broken me.


you know that spongebob episode where spongebob tries gary’s snail-po and makes a really loud BLECH sound so loud that snail-po headquarters can hear it?

that’s what’s happening right now except it’s me in my room chanting NO about emma’s release and I hope vince can hear it and feel a distubance

I think they heard you.

MFW when I see comments on the internet that basically amount to “OMG THE HOBBIT MOVIES HAVE TOO MUCH CGI!”.

You people do realise there was a metric fuck-ton of CGI in the LOTR movies right? Because there was. Watch the Appendices DVDs that come with the Extended Cuts of the LOTR movies and you’d know just how much there was. 

So I FINALLY got Assassin’s Creed IV the other day and I’m now up to Sequence 6.

When the reveal of James Kidd being female happened in Sequence 5, I wasn’t shocked or surprised. In fact James Kidd actually looked quite feminine to me from the get go, so it wasn’t a surprise at all to me that James Kidd is actually a woman. That said, she’s lucky she’s literally flat chested though, otherwise that rouse wouldn’t have lasted long. lol.

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