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Well, I’ve finally finished playing through Assassin’s Creed IV’s main story (as well as completing a handful of side things). The game was sort of off to a rocky start for me, but I think that’s partially because of the few control changes from AC III (Ubisoft: B does [almost] EVERYTHING now!).

The further along I got the more I got into the story. Plus generally fighting with two swords became pretty damn fun. That said when I got to the end, it almost didn’t feel like theĀ end, because there’d been at least one other spot I thought it could’ve ended but it didn’t, so I wondered if it was actually over. Then the credits started rolling. lol.

All in all, highly enjoyable game. Poured a hell of a lot of hours into it, and I’m only 86% finished. I actually would’ve finished the game’s main story by now if I didn’t enjoy the side stuff so much.

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